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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My Baby Will be 5 Tomorrow!

As I sit here tonight, I find myself thinking back to the night before Makenzie was born.  It doesn't seem like five years have already gone by.  I can still remember exactly how I felt.  I remember the excitement of welcoming our first baby into the world, I remember the nervousness that went along with not knowing what to expect, and I remember the utter joy of knowing I was about to become a mom.  The night before she was born I hardly slept because I knew we would be going to the hospital first thing the next morning to start the induction process.  Our baby was coming! It was completely planned- no surprises for us (I hoped). I'm so type A that I like to have every little detail of my life planned out so you can imagine my relief when the doctor scheduled a date to have our baby LOL.  I don't like waiting around for things to happen on their own normally so this was great for us!

We left for the hospital the next morning, and by that afternoon we had the most perfect little girl I had ever seen.  She was the light of our lives then, and she still is today.  She has brought so much laughter and love to our lives, and we are so blessed to be her parents.

This has been an emotional year of firsts for me as a parent.  Makenzie started 4-year old kindergarten and along with that came independence and drama.  She no longer needs me as much as she used to.  She wants to hang out with her friends instead of me.  She has to pick out her own clothes.  BUT, she is still my little girl whether she likes it or not, and I know she loves her Mommy so very much.

I am so very proud of my precious girl.  I have to share this with you guys.  Last night as Wayne finished reading the girls a bible story and we were tucking them into bed, Presley said she didn't want to say her prayers.  Before I could say anything, Makenzie was by her sister's side.  She placed her little hand over Presley's and said, "I'll help you Sissy, pray after me."  Makenzie then went on to lead her sister in the sweetest prayer, stopping every few words so that Presley could repeat them after her.  She then said her own prayer, and we tucked them in.  Needless to say, Wayne and I were both in tears as we hugged and kissed them goodnight. 

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you.  We see Christ working in your life, and we can't wait to see what you do for Him as you grow older.  We love you sweet girl!

Makenzie and her Daddy on the day she was born


  1. Happy Birthday to your daughter! Mine will be 5 in 2 weeks and I can't believe it.

  2. following from the weekend blog hop. Have a great weekend and hope you will stop by and start following. Very cute site!


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