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Friday, January 21, 2011

Winning the Battle

So far so good at our house.  Presley has recuperated from the stomach virus, and the rest of us have avoided it!  Huge thank you to all of you who said prayers for us!  We haven't been up to much the past week due to Presley being sick, but Makenzie did celebrate her 100th day of school with a mini party and a movie today.  She was really excited about that! 

The puppy continues to be a huge hit at our house, and the girls are having so much fun playing with him- especially Presley.  He's become quite the companion to her while her sister is at school each day.  She adores him, and I love to watch them play with each other.

We've been making lots of plans here lately...trying to decide when to vacation!  My parents are taking the entire family to Gatlinburg, TN this year, and we've been trying to find a date that will work for everyone.  With eight adults to work around that's not really easy.  Everyone's work/school schedules are so crazy that it's been a chore just to pick a time to go.   Wayne and I already have a trip planned to Minnesota in August (yay!) so we were hoping to space the trips out a bit. I have a headache already just thinking about it.  BUT, I will not complain.  Two vacations in one year is a definite plus!  I am very appreciative to my parents for planning a trip for us (and for footing the bill!).  The girls are going to have soo much fun.

Where is your family planning to vacation this year?



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