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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Presley's Birthday Gifts...

  In my previous post, I told you guys that the only two things Presley really asked for this year was a wheel barrow with a shovel and a John Deere Gator (battery powered of course).  Well....her Aunt KK and Uncle Brad made sure she got the wheel barrow and shovel, but they took it a step farther and made sure it was pink!  They also painted her name on it along with "Daddy's little helper".  It is adorable! And they didn't just get her a shovel.  They got her a hoe, small gardening tools, and gardening gloves too.  She LOVED it! Here's a picture of her seeing it for the first time.


Presley's in the purple...we'd come directly from her birthday party :)  She pushed that wheel barrow all over Uncle Brad and Aunt KK's yard, and dug some holes with that shovel too lol!

Mommy and Daddy got Presley the Gator she wanted sooo badly! Yes, she's spoiled...we know! BUT, I have to say, this poor child has lived with hand-me-downs and shared EVERYTHING with her sister since the day she was born so when she asked for her own "car", I hated to tell her no. Especially when we bought her sister a Barbie Jeep for one of her birthdays. It just wasn't fair.  Her excitement was worth every penny too! She has been on this thing NON-STOP since we gave it to her, and she doesn't want to leave home because she just wants to play with it.

She actually was nice enough to let her sister have a ride...

Then they had a race! They are having sooo much fun riding around our yard.  Love seeing my girls so happy and having a great time.


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