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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Has This New Fad Caught On Where You Live?

Feathers? Yep, that's the current rave right now.  It seems like EVERYONE is getting them or wants them, including my two girls.  They have been BEGGING for feathers since before school let out, and because the school requested they not have them, they had to wait until summer officially started to get them.

*Photo courtesy of Google Images

The salons here have been selling out of these things as fast as they can get them!  Luckily for my two girls, their Aunt KK is a hairstylist, and she held several feathers out for them (colors of their choice of course!) as soon as a new shipment came in.  Sooo, we went on over there yesterday, and the girls FINALLY got their feathers!

They each took turns getting them, and I had to take pics with my cell phone so I apologize for the quality.  They're a bit hard to see, but they both chose hot pink and teal.  Each of theirs look different even though they're the same colors so it's perfect.

Yep, she definitely spoils them...but they love every minute of it! 

Thanks KK!!


  1. I have not seen this fad! I've not heard of it at all but here in WV we seem to be behind on everything so I'm not surprised. I'm stopping by from Mom Says Aye to support your blog.

  2. That's really cute. I hadn't seen the feathers before. I'm sure if my daughter wasn't 21 months old she would want one. Following you via GFC.

  3. I have a boy, so I never know what is in style for girls. Those are cute though! My son is all about Gogos Crazy Bones right now. Your girls are beautiful!

  4. Ive not seen this fad here in GA nor heard of it yet. But my kids are grown so if it hits here, it'll be the grandkids who want them. Your girls are just too cute.


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